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A Bronze sword, 1200 BC
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An European bronze age sword


12th century B.C. Slender sword blade with offset ricassos. Riveted, slender, triple-ridged grip. Two rows of semi-circles on the upper part of the grip, a large pommel disc with a mushroom-shaped pommel knob, decorated with semi-circles and rings. Length 64 cm. Weight 831 g. Metal well preserved, brown-black patina. Axel Guttmann Collection (AG 1010). Acquired in Munich 1992. Published in: H. Born/S. Hansen, "Helme und Waffen Alteuropas - Sammlung Axel Guttmann", vol. 9, Mainz 2001, pp. 110 f., 195, 274, plate XIX, ills. 90/3, 153, 154.

Well preserved "Vollgriffschwert" from the Carpathian basin with a well preserved noble patina.