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War hammer, 18th-19th c.
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An Ottoman war hammer, 18th - 19th century

Origin: Ottoman Empire.

A richly decorated ceremonial weapon, showing the high rank of the owner. More adopted for ceremonial and parade use than for the battle. Dating to 18th– 19th century. Length 62,5 cm.

Head: the head of the hammer is made of steel, decorated with gold inlays with floral motifs. The spike of the head is long, bent down with the end bend upward. The butt of the head is short, of square cross section. Length of the head 20,5cm.

Shaft: shaft is made of wood, with steel heads on ends. Steel ends inlayed with gold. The shaft is covered with black velvet and wrapped with yellow braided rope. An iron tape inlayed with gold between heads.

Notices: good example of Ottoman high quality ceremonial weapon.


Condition report: complete and intact condition with amount of wear according to the age.