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Karabela sabre
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A karabela sabre

Origin: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, 2nd half of 17th century.

Important karabela type saber, one of the most desired European edged weapons, used by Polish and Lithuanian nobility and famous winged hussars from 17th to late 19th century. The eagle head hilt (called karabela after Polish tradition) was used also in Russia, Balkans, Turkey, Persia.

This karabela sabre belongs to group A according to the classification by Professor Z. Żygulski jr. and dates to the 2nd half of the 17th century, made for battle use, not parade. Length 93,2 cm.

Blade: great quality, steel blade with three narrow fullers, two of them going almost to the tip. Acentric tip. False edge ca. 22 cm from the tip. Maker’s mark with three letters “M”, small flowers, and sickle-shape hallmarks on both sides. Shallow groove on the back of the blade, going circa 16 cm from the guard. Blade cleaned with remains of surface rust next to the cross guard. Length of the blade - 80,3 cm, width - 3,2 cm (3,7 at yelmen).

Hilt: eagle shaped (karabela type) grips of black buffalo horn connected to the blade with four, brass rivets, with brass tape between. Bronze cross-guard of characteristic shape. Length of the cross-guard 9,3 cm.

Scabbard: absent.

Notices: important example of good quality Polish karabela. Very rare!

Condition report: very good condition for the age. Blade in good condition, with some pitting from corrosion and cracks of steel lamination. Bronze guard covered by nice original patina, with scratches and dents. Two bigger holes because of defect during casting. Scratches, dents and cracks on horn grip plates. Tape covering the gap between grip plates is covered by nice original patina, some cracks and dents, especially on the back side. Brass rivets covered with patina.