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A Mace, 17th century
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A Polish or Hungarian mace, 17th century

Origin: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth or Hungary.

Heavy steel mace, called buzdygan, a scare combat weapon and sign of rank of rotmistr of hussars or other cavalry troops. Dating to early 17th century. Length 53,5 cm.

The steel mace with six semicircle wings and round cap on the top. The shaft has a hole for the strap. The lower part of the shaft, separated with ring, has recessed grooves. Length of the head 11,2 cm.

Notices: good example of early 17th century Polish-Lithuanian or Hungarian mace, adopted for battle and used as a sign of rank. Maces of this type are depicted in many iconographic sources of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. For example, on the tombstone of duke Bogdan Oginski, made in turn of 16th and 17th centuries, depicts the duke in armour, with Polish-Hungarian sabre and the mace like this. The duke posed for the tombstone while live.

Condition report: Complete and intact condition with amount of wear according to the age. Pitting from corrosion.


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